What Love Has to Do With It

February 16th, 2011

by: Kelly Barnes

In honor of Valentines day I wanted to share some thoughts on love I heard recently.

Dr. Joyce Meyers said that “love is something we all yearn for and to love and be loved is the most blissful state imaginable. But what is love? One of the best definitions is caring about the aims and well being of another person as much as you do your own.

1) Love if.

“I will love you if you will satisfy my desires. This could be a desire for romance, adventure, safety… this love will always end when one person fails to meet the expectations of the other.

2) Love because of.

“I love you because you are pretty, handsome or have money”. This means they are actually in love with status.

3) Love period.

Love period can’t wait to give. According to Russell this type of love says “you can’t do anything to turn my love off”. This is the love that endures.

Story Time = Big Time

February 15th, 2011

by: Kelly Barnes

If you know me or read what little bit of a blog I keep you know that I love to read. Of all the hobbies I have it ranks as one of the most enjoyable and affordable. One of the main reasons I recommend this as a main habit in peoples lives is because there is no cheaper, and in a lot of cases, more beneficial substitute for a college education at home. It is amazing to me that it is possible to pick up an education in the odds and ends of time which most people throw away.