Crow’s Feet

October 27th, 2011

by: Kelly Barnes

Everyone wants to be liked, right? It seems that this is one of the first basic
desires by humans and one that lasts forever.
At one time or another everyone has said; “I don’t care what people
think of me” but that is just not true.
We may, at times, not care what one person thinks of us but when you are
setting on the other side of the interview table, meeting a new prospect or
being introduced to a new person, you care what they think. So, how do we become more likable? I recently read an interview with Guy
Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist for Apple and current author, columnist,
blogger, venture capitalist… and this is what he offered in the ways of being

A big natural “George Clooneyesque” smile. In this case crow’s feet is a good thing. Guy says that “you can never have too many crow's feet. Anybody who thinks you shouldn't smile in business is a loser." A smile is the one universal symbol that conveys the same thing to everyone.

2) A warm approach. A great handshake and nice greeting starts things off the right way. Don't be to firm, too soft or to eager with your approach. A handshake that is tight and overbearing say's that you think you may be superior. If you use the “dead fish” or soft handshake it comes across as if you are timid. If you are too eager and act like a 12 year old girl meeting Justin Beaber you just come across weird. When meeting someone for the first time practice being warm and genuine in your approach.

3) The right attire. Our current culture has accepted leisure wear to a fault. There is nothing wrong with casual dress, I love nothing more than wearing a pair of jeans, cowboy boots and a t-shirt, but only when the situation allows. When planning an outfit for a conference, business meeting or new encounter with a prospect remembers the following... Don't dress too casual. It says that you
do not respect the event or people attending enough to dress like they have to
dress. Don't dress to formal. Showing up to a conference or lunch meeting in a 3 piece suit when everyone is wearing business causal can give the impression that you think you are a little above everyone else. Dress at the same level of the people you are meeting.

If you want to be liked by others and have the ability to win others over remember this rule; interested before interesting. If you are genuinely interested in others
they will think you are interesting. Make the meeting or conversation about them. Ask questions, learn their story and most importantly...LISTEN.


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