prom time

December 1st, 2011

by: Kelly Barnes

Prom time is fast approaching. Here are a few things for prom committees and class sponsors to consider when planning a prom

1) HIRE A DJ. The kids cousin who has a lot of music will bomb. There is much more to DJing an event than pressing play. The most important part of the prom is the music so spend some money and hire a DJ.

2) Be clear on your expectations. If you are have student led committees make sure they have specific jobs and due dates. Schedule regular meetings to make sure they are meeting their goals. Also, be clear with your DJ on what you expect from him. Make sure they know start and end times, what music is to be played, what announcements to make…

3) Don’t let your DJ over sell you. Extra microphones, lights, speakers… can add up quickly. Most of the time you will only need one microphone, 3-4 LED lights and a sound system for the number of people you have.

4) Plan an after party for students. I have been to after prom parties with inflatable’s, movie marathons and even hypnotists. This will offer a safe option for students. Use your gymnasium and let the party continue.

5) Save on decorations. Look at party galaxy or Wal-Mart as opposed to decoration companies. Recycle and re-use if possible.

Have questions or need a DJ? Contact us on the DJ page.


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