… And Then Some

March 5th, 2012

by: Kelly Barnes

Little things make the biggest difference. Turning on the T.V. and finding out that your favorite show is having an all day marathon, pulling out your winter coat and discovering a 5 dollar bill in the pocket, hitting every green light on the way to work…

Although these are small and seemingly unimportant events, they can make a huge difference in your day. If the small things mean so much to you then they must mean the same for others. I have been teaching students, business professionals and teachers to be an “…and then some” person. Yes, it is a simple concept but I love simple. Simple is easy to understand and more importantly, easy to do.

“…and them some” people set themselves apart from crowd in small acts repeated time and time again. They do what is needed and then some, they do what is expected and then some, they do what is right and then some, they do what they said they would do and then some. Here are some easy examples we can start today:

And then some people don’t just meet deadlines, they beat them by a day.

And then some people don’t just make the sales call as promised, they follow up with a thank you letter.

And then some people don’t just text or facebook a friend on their birthday, they send a card or call and sing happy birthday.

And then some people park a few spaces away and leave the close parking spaces for those who may need them.

And then some people don’t just study for what is going to be on the test, they study for what could be on the test.

And then some people give a little more time, do a little more work, run a little farther, laugh a little louder. They are always looking, wondering and thinking of how they could do a little bit more.

When you make it a habit to do the little things you will end up being the person you want to be… and then some.




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