Start With Why

March 14th, 2012

by: Kelly Barnes

If you set goals for yourself do you ever ask why? What are the reasons for wanting to accomplish them? There is power in the why. The why gives you the desire to start, the ability to persist and most importantly it is the barrier that keeps most from accomplishing anything.

Why do you want to lose weight, get a promotion, start a business or (fill in goal here)? If I were to ask you the reason why I could tell you, with confidence ,whether you are likely to accomplish the goal in the first place. I have found that most people set goals for negative reasons.

I want to lose weight because I am tired of being fat.

I want the promotion because I am tired of being broke.

I want to start my own business because I hate working for someone else.

When the reason you set the goal is negative you will look at every aspect of that goal in a negative way. Ask why and find the right reason.

I want to lose weight becasue I know it will make me look, feel and act 10 years younger.

I want to start my own business so I can build something that I and my family can be prooud of.

I want to get a promotion so I can have more financial freedom and make memories with my family.

Changing the why is a small change but makes for a big difference. Have a goal? Make a list of why you have it?

Remember; you dont pay the price for losing weigth, you enjoy the beneifts of being healthier. You dont pay the price for getting a better job or higher salary, you enjoy the benefits that come with it. When the WHY is there, the TRY will follow.


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