February 20th, 2013

by: Kelly Barnes

Just got home from Durant, the Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma, where I spent the evening speaking to the the Durant Young Professionals group. DYP is a social/professional organization for anyone in the Durant area who would like to become more involved in the community, network and grow their leadership and business skills. They do this through 3 types of events

1) Experience Events (Fun gatherings for dinner, sports events, trivia… where members can “experience” social events together)

2) Engage Events (Where members engage in civic activities and donate their time to groups such as Boys and Girls Club, Local shelters and food banks)

3) Emerge Events (Where members get leadership and business training via professional speakers and business owners.)

I was asked by some of my long time friends Katie Garrett, Paige Scott and Sarah Jane Smallwood; to keynote their first Emerge event. We had an absolute blast and I appreciate the pro-active role that the Durant Young Professionals Steering Committee and the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce is taking in turing community members into community leaders.

One thing I shared with the group was focused around the word “Emerge.” Emerge comes from the latin word “emergere” which means to plunge. In order to be an effective community leader or business owner we have to first make the decision to take the “plunge” and commit fully to something bigger than ourselves.

It is obvious that the leadership in Durant is committed to helping its residents, businesses and schools Experience, Engage and Emerge.

If you live in the Durant area and would like to know more about Durant Young Professionals or get involved with the Chamber you can click here to visit the web-site.




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