1. Think about yesterday.

Think about the good things you did for yourself, your business, your family or your friends. This will give you the energy to do more of the same.

Think about the learning lessons (mistakes) you had and how you will keep from doing that again.

Think about one great thing someone did for you and return the favor to someone else. I call it the 1-1-2 rule. Do 1 thing for 1 person 2DAY. This may be a thank-you letter, a note of encouragement or congratulations or even a small gift or favor.

2. Think about Today.

Make a list of all the things you need to get done. Select only the ones that must be completed today and finally rank those in order of importance. Try to work in 50-10 increments. 50 minutes of dedicated work with a 10 minute break to send an e-mail, make a phone call or just get up and move around.

3. Think about tomorrow.

Think about what you need to be doing to make your personal life or business life better for the future. Take note of some new ideas or goals that you have for yourself this week, month and year. What projects do you need to get started? What events do you need to be attending? What memories do you want to make?

It is important to live in the now but eventually today will become tomorrow.

Take 10 minutes every morning and do this. It will make your day more purposeful and effective.