How to end your work day

November 1st, 2013

by: Kelly Barnes

Recently, I have been working with an insurance company for an upcoming personnel training. They have asked me to do my “Exit Better” presentation. In my preparation I came across this great read. Found it to be a good way to end your work day.


The Best Way To Use The Last Five Minutes Of Your Day

(from the article The Best Way to Use the Last Five Minutes of Your Day)

It only takes a few minutes. About five actually. A brief pause at the end of the day to consider what worked and what didn't.

Here's what I propose:

Every day, before leaving the office, save a few minutes to think about what just happened. Look at your calendar and compare what actually happened – the meetings you attended, the work you got done, the conversations you had, the people with whom you interacted, even the breaks you took – with your plan for what you wanted to have happen. Then ask yourself three sets of questions:

  • How did the day go? What success did I experience? What challenges did I endure?
  • What did I learn today? About myself? About others? What do I plan to do – differently or the same – tomorrow?
  • Who did I interact with? Anyone I need to update? Thank? Ask a question? Share feedback?

This last set of questions is invaluable in terms of maintaining and growing relationships. It takes just a few short minutes to shoot off an email – or three – to share your appreciation for a kindness someone extended, to ask someone a question, or to keep someone in the loop on a project.

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