N-A-N Spells Love

November 14th, 2014

by: Kelly Barnes

Some people just make you feel special. Patty Lawson, affectionately known as Nan, is one of those people for me. Actually, she is that person for a lot of people. Although Nan is my Grandmother by marriage she treats me like one of her own. Just hearing the word “Nan” makes my day because N-A-N spells so much more than Nan.

N-A-N spells love. It means a warm hug and a genuine smile. It means you are in the presence of someone who truly cares for others and has spent a life modeling that for her family and friends.

N-A-N spells support. It means baked potato soup when you are sick, a Band-Aid when you are cut and a prayer when you are in need. It means “come here, tell me all about it. Nan will make it better.”

N-A-N spells family. It means everyone gathered around the table eating the food that no one can cook the way Nan does. A meal cooked with love and attention and a lot of the things we rarely find during our hectic lives.

N-A-N spells happiness. It means being thankful for the things we have. It means being present with the ones we love and cherishing the moments we spend together. It means laughter and joy and a sigh of sadness when you know it is time to leave.

N-A-N spells peace of mind.
It means knowing that there is someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will always look for and bring the best. It means a good pep talk is only a phone call or a short drive away.

It is easy to take these things for granted and I certainly do at times. You spell love differently. Maybe you spell it M-O-M, D-A-D or F-R-I-E-N-D.

One of the ways I spell love is N-A-N and I sure hope Nan knows.